doughnuts and paint

What do doughnuts and paint have in common? Selling yummy Krispy Kreme Doughnuts helps Offering raise money to beautify a part of Church Hill with murals at Arts in the Alley!

Arts in the Alley aims to revitalize inner-city and downtown neighborhoods by cleaning up and revitalizing alleys and streets that are currently in disarray, making them into safer places for residents, schools, and businesses and transform the alleys into a bright, outdoor mural gallery.

We’re taking orders between now and Monday February 28, and your doughnuts will be available for pick up Wednesday March 2! To order: send $8 per box via paypal to (with a note: doughnuts)! Of course, you can also send a good old-fashioned check for the amount to Offering, P.O. Box 35423, Richmond VA 23235, but paypal is preferred :).

And of course, help us spread the word! We need to sell 100 boxes to get the best price, and if we sell those 100 boxes we make $500 for paint – about a third of what we need, so that will be a big help!

Changing our world, one alley at a time. Will you help us raise the money for the paint to do that?


About jeanineguidry

Singer. Musician. PhD student. Redhead. Dutch and American (but live in the US). Wife to Chris, vrouwtje (dog mom) to Foster and Lola.
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